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Проектный институт «Чувашпроект» предлагает проектировщикам-фрилансерам следующие виды работ:

Требуется проект прокладки 3 участков трассы методом ГНБ

Вознаграждение 30 000р.

Заявки принимаются до 20.12.2019 на почту proekt@pi-csp.ru

Требуется проект прокладки 3 участков трассы методом ГНБ

Вознаграждение 30 000р.

Заявки принимаются до 20.12.2019 на почту proekt@pi-csp.ru

OOO Design institute «Chuvashproject» (a limited liability company under the laws of Russian Federation) is an organization with a great experience and great traditions in design and building. This is the biggest design institute in the Chuvash Republic where over 70 high-quality specialists work today.

Being a successor of the institute «Chuvashkolkhozprojet», the organization makes a contribution into the development of towns and villages’ territories of the Chuvash Republic. The first union of the agricultural building construction in the Chuvash Republic was made in 1962. In the beginning, it specialized mainly on agricultural objects. They built cowsheds, pig farms, poultry farms. In 70s it was necessary to develop the infrastructure of the countryside. The organization started to design domestic buildings, schools, kindergartens and clubs. In the middle of 80s the institute was renamed into «Chuvashargoproject».

Since 2007 the institute is called «Chuvashstrojproject», and since 2018 it is called «Chuvashproject». Since that time the window of its opportunities and realized projects were extended.

The main aspects of work of OOO Design institute «Chuvashproject» (a limited liability company under the laws of Russian Federation) are:

The company has a modern software which allows to do 3D projection. 3-D size helps immediately on the stage of the project to reach high accuracy and minimize drawbacks and visualize the model vividly and demonstrate it to clients.

Specialists of « Chuvashstrojproject» carried out the design of planning the territory of «Sadoviy» – the biggest and newest part of town Cheboksary. Today over 20000 people live there. When the housebuilding is over, over 66000 people will be living there. The useful floor area of the residential accommodation is going to be over 2 millions square meters. Planning «Sadoviy» the institute cooperated with Japanese, Italian and Dutch colleagues. They used their best practices and modern technologies in housebuilding. Nowadays the housebuilding is on a whole new level. The housing is going on a high level. The faces of prefabricated flat blocks are going to be immediately cladded with ceramic granite «Kerama Marazzi» in the factory . In addition, there is going to be an apartment heating. «Chuvashproject» also designed the biggest school in the Chuvash Republic for 1650 students. The future school does not have any analogues, it is designed only by the architectures of the institute. In the fifth residential area of «Sadoviy» is going to be one more school. It is going to be as big as the previous school and it will not have any analogues too.

In addition, the institute designed 6 kindergartens for this part of the town. 4 of them for 960 children have been built already. In 2020 there are going to be 2 more kindergartens for 480 children. Now the institute is designing kindergartens in the part of the town «Blagoveschenskij» (for 240 children), in Algeshevo (for 140 children), schools for 1100 students in the part of the town «Lenta».

«Chuvashstrojproject» designed for «Sadoviy» the biggest sports complex with a swimming pool and a skating-rink.


The residential area «Sadovij»

The architects of the « Chuvashstrojproject» designed railway station in Vurnary, shopping center «Yarmarka». Now they are designing big shopping centers «Lerois Merlin» and «Lenta» with floor-space 10000 square meters each. The shopping centers are going to be in «Sadovij». The successfully realized projects of the « Chuvashstrojproject» are Republican rehabilitation center in Cheboksary, therapeutic pavilion of republican cardiology health center in Cheboksary, the second course of the Republican center of reconstructive treatment in Cheboksary, schools for 400 students in Shikhazani of Kanashskij district, for 200 students in the village Bolshie Yanikovo in Urmarsky district, additional building for 320 students to the gymnasium № 1 in Mariinsky Posad, sports complex in Shemursha.

«Chuvashstrojproject» also continues an agricultural direction. They designed nearly 40 poultry houses, a slaughter house, a line of advanced refining of poultry meat for agribusiness holding company «Yurma», a compound feed mill in Alatyr, and also a factory recycling bird droppings. This is absolutely an innovative enterprise: they are going to recycle fresh bird droppings and make organic pelletized fertilizer from it for the first time in Chuvash Republic. All processes will be made without using chemicals so that it will not cause damage to the environment. The institute works not only in Chuvash Republic. The evidence of the fact that the institute is in demand is the achievements in different auctions. Ten-storied apartment blocks were designed by the institute in Arkhangelsky oblast. A kindergarten for 250 children in Syktyvkar (Republic Komi) and a rehabilitation facility on the territory of Psychoneurological boarding school «Tair» (Marij El) have been recently designed.

The work of « Chuvashstrojproject» is always directed to the achievement of high quality with minimum expenses. The architects and engineers are highly-qualified and they have decades of experience with leading architecture groups from Japan and Italy. That allows us to guarantee every client a personal service and value engineering.

For example, from 2013 to 2016 we cooperated with such foreign companies as Orange Architects, Tito architects Town planner ltd, S.J.S. ENGINEERING Srl, BAN international inc.


Chuvash Republic

Arkhangelsk region

Republic of Komi

Republic Of Mari El


The Design Institute represents Chuvashia at various competitions, festivals, exhibitions of the all-Russian level. Its projects for planning buildings and structures have been repeatedly awarded with diplomas. And for their work, employees of the organization received honorary titles of honored builders of Chuvashia.